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Growing up, all my free play time was spent wandering and exploring the woods, creeks, ponds and hills in the wilds of rural New England and upstate New York, providing the foundations of my appreciation for nature and the wild outdoors. As a young adult, I sought further adventures in the outdoor playgrounds of the Colorado Rockies as well as Arizona’s Sonoran deserts, mountains and canyons, establishing what I came to recognize as a newfound spiritual connection with the wild outdoors. Driven to share my experiences with others, I discovered a personal passion for creating and a desire to share those experiences through photography, now from California’s Sierra Nevada and the drama of the Northern California Coastline.

Wandering alone in the outdoors has always provided a more satisfying way of quieting my mind and stretching my awareness of self into the environment, grounding me, allowing me to recharge, recentering my perspective away from thinking self to creative self, empowering my intuition. The intimacy and quiet of solitude works equally well when creating, engaging all my senses to connect to the environment, while shedding the expectations and subtle demands of social distractions. Sometimes this translates into unique expressions of recognizable iconic vistas, sometimes into more intimate compositions and stories; stories that may convey the soft light of a tranquil winter scene, the stark kinetic impact of a giant waterfall, the embrace of swirling atmospheric mists caressing granite ramparts, subdued light enhancing a stand of stately oaks or an intimate garden of weathered stone and grasses.

Balancing planning and spontaneity, the outing and the very exercise of making the photograph, is as much a part of the story; the deeply fulfilling, joyfully meditative experience of venturing into and wandering about in these beautiful natural environments, is a vital part of what I strive to express to the viewer's conscious and subconscious perception, allowing them to share in and feel a sense of my joy, my passion and my experience.

I'm in the process of setting up my shop on my site. Meanwhile, if you're interested in prints or licensing opportunities, please contact me through this site's contact form or email me directly at paul@paulporterphoto.com.

Paul Porter



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